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a great idea for every back

A great idea for every back

The BODYBACKCREAMER provides you with a new and impressively simple way of caring for your back.

Everyone knows that applying lotion to your own back is practically impossible without help.
However, a new invention has recently been causing a stir in the healthcare branch and among shoppers of all backgrounds. The BODYBACKCREAMER: a simple but practical aid to help you apply lotion that you won't want to be without.

Dry skin, sun protection, tension, rheumatism or back pain - there are numerous reasons for having lotion applied to your back. However, there's not always a helping hand nearby and that's exactly where our product comes into play.

The BODYBACKCREAMER is a 37-inch, 1/2-pound, resistant, low-maintenance, hygienic, silicon belt that can easily be used by anyone. Just place a small drop of suntan lotion, moisturiser, emulsion, ointment or oil in the middle of the BODYBACKCREAMER (small grooves ensure even application) and rub your back with it like when using a towel.

Following use you can wash away the remaining lotion easily with soap and water, leaving your BODYBACKCREAMER ready again for use.

This new lotion application aid is perfect for use at home, when travelling, and even for recreation or sporting activities.

With the help of the BODYBACKCREAMER, you can simply and comfortably apply lotion to your back in any situation.

“Who will apply lotion to my back? “ – the BODYBACKCREAMER

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Scientific magazine GALILEO (PRO7) tested Bodybackcreamer!

Test result: excellent

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